I know it was useless highlighting this, but I'm just so proud! I made this for our wiki and the numbers on it will only increase!!!!
21 articles and 4,382 edits since February 18th, 2013!
You see that? Wow. That's alot. I hope we can get lots more contributors and make this wiki a better place!!! :) The wiki, on the first day even, was so much better then I excepted!!!! Thanks to Lovebird! (as we call her!), Liv! and Krystal! (who founded this wiki.. BTW) They are some of our admins and have been contributing EVERY day!!!! Just a little notice to all users. At 9PM (forgot the name) UTC (I think) is a time where most of us go on chat and get advice and share what's going on in our love life!!! Some tears are shared, lots of SCREAMING!!! :D And exploding with happiness.. often our Boyfriends join us!!! (Especially mine! which i most recently got! :P Eek!) So... yeah.. 

Yeah..  Going to go crazy for a second... :P 

Yeah.. well you'll get the message! OH! And all the new users too!!!! I LOVE YA! 


PS: I'm in a good mood today!