You don't have to be in a relationship to do this quiz. 

Question 1.

Are you in a relationship? (Have you ever been in one?)

a.) Yes

b.) No

c.) No, but I've been in a relationship before.

Question 2.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with you, what would you do?

a.) Walk away

b.) Confront him (Why?) 

c.) Say something, if you chose this what would you say?

Question 3. 

If you had a crush would you admit it? If you would, how or why?

a.) I would never admit it.

b.) I will never admit it, it's just a silly crush 

c.) I'd admit it, (state the reason)

Question  4. 

Do you think being single is a good thing? (Give a reason)

a.) Yes! (Reason)

b.) No! (Reason)

Question 5.

Have you ever been Jealous? What was the feeling?

a.) Yes. (The feeling)

b.) No. 

Thanks for taking the quiz! Please do! It's very important. Yes, it might seem quite stupid, but it's not once I get the results. I ask you to do this ASAP. The deadline is 17th March. This gives you ten days. I hope everyone, currently, on this wiki can answer. I might even answer myself to give an example of anyone who isn't sure. Please do the quiz, to find out more details, leave a message on my message wall and I'll come on chat! Then I'll explain this in further detail. Bare in mind I live in the UK. I am mostly on at 9PM which I think should be 4 or 3pm in the US. So.. yeah.

~ Ellie.

PS: Because I made this my comments will be in  this colour.