• PoisonIvy100

    Hi! :)

    In case you don't remember me, I'm MaraJaffray100, also known as Krystal (or Ivy as I prefer to be called now). I founded this wiki with Liv, Ellie and Celine.

    Now, as you all probably know, this wiki has been fairly dead for the last almost two years. This is pretty upsetting, but oh well, such is life. So, if anyone's still out there, hope you're reading this.

    I'm willing to fix up the wiki if that's what everyone else wants. Because, in a way, it's what I want too. But we'll do it properly this time. No more arsing around with real life pairings and stuff like that. Fair? Fair.

    It's weird, looking back. When I made this wiki, I was thirteen and a totally different person. I made a tonne of stupid mistakes and just basically did thing…

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  • .Cinderflight


    August 31, 2013 by .Cinderflight

    Ok so, I'm dating this guy. We often talk online. I asked him to meet me somewhere but he never cane after 2 hours. I realized he was somewhere else. I didnt enter that chat because I didnt want to be a stalker. What should I do now?

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  • .Cinderflight

    In Akward Love

    August 22, 2013 by .Cinderflight
    I have a super crush on my brothers best friend(he is 3 years older than I). He is in highschool, but I'm in middleschool. He comes to our house a lit but I'm too scared to ask him because I dont think he'll feel the same way about me. I honestly think he feels of me as a little sister because he is mean to me like my brother but he also teases me. I'm not sure if its like a love tease or just a normal tease. Is this normal? Could anyone help me out?
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  • Cherrywood

    Yes I'm Quite new here and Call me Cherry Before I had Account on this wikia I looked at some wikias

    And I saw some wikias had some news each week I was wondering maybe we could have like heres my example

    Love Is Something that a person would need and its hard to tell what kind of fights we would have or would it be true to understand our feelings toward to people.

    Sometime we need advice from people who knows about  or even been through it.

    Love can be a tough time with it even you just have a tiny feeling for someone to  completely in Love with Someone 

    "Love Is Something is what someone needs!!"

    Break Ups

    Yelling and Tears you would feel You would just complain how much you missed him wanting him back see how much he meant to you and look at p…

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  • Hoa100

    Date Ideas

    April 23, 2013 by Hoa100

    Don't we all have trouble dealing with dates and don't know what to do? Well here is some Ideas for date!

    1.Have a long converstation get to know each have a couple of laughs!

    2.Go see a movie that you both wanted to see

    3.Go To a resturant thats not so fancy just a casual place not so busy

    4.Take a walk outside

    5.When it is summer season just go to the beach or the pool

    6.If there is a sports team and you both got Tickets go together

    7.just have a little dance together

    8.If one of you has to babysit then do it together

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  • PoisonIvy100

    Fixing up the Wiki

    April 18, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    Hello, fellow users of the Love Advice Wiki. I love this place as much as you all do. But now it's time for change. We've kind of abandoned it. Here are my ideas:

    • Personal pairing pages: OK. We can't use these. Now I know that Liv and Ellie are going to track me down tonight and kill me in my sleep (how much do security guards expect to be paid?). This wiki is about advice, not personal pairing pages. Don't be discouraged though. Put them on your profile. It's that easy. People will still love your pairing. Also, this way, we can't exactly be 'shipping' real-life pairings seriously because these are real people and we can't put pressure on them.
    • The fun rules: These are awesome, but why are we focusing so much on them? Did I just create the …
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  • Hoa100

    Uh Oh!

    April 4, 2013 by Hoa100

    We are forgeting about this Place what happens if we do then our hardwork go down the drain that means Bye Bye love Advice wikia.We made our work for a wikia but why did we forget about it?Did we got bored of it?It so lame? But can we make it back to a better Love Advice Wikia had more Love Stuff show more Features and some Love Pages of Question People need Like Ex:Cheating,First Boyfriend/Girlfriend and ofcourse how to deal with LOVE! But if this is a Love Advice wikia shouldn't we make it about love and not about Yolo and LOL?

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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    March 14, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    We are trying to improve this wiki, right? Yes. I think we are. Well, on the GLEE wiki, they have this page called the "Suggestion Box".


    Any ides that the users have to share it there, they can then get a few users to agree, maybe write a blog bost about it, get at least 10 to 20 people to agree, show it to an admin and so they can make the page!

    Well... think about this... comment below...

    Only 4 replies needed. 

    Leave a message on my message wall or in the comments if you think it's not a good idea or if you have a question... 


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  • JamberLuv4ever


    March 8, 2013 by JamberLuv4ever

    Can you please check out the page and comment?


    JamberLuv4ever (talk) 02:55, March 8, 2013 (UTC)

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  • JamberLuv4ever


    March 6, 2013 by JamberLuv4ever

    Can you check out the new page I created? It's called Moyuky and it's all about me and my crush, please read and say if it's good!

    JamberLuv4ever (talk) 03:22, March 6, 2013 (UTC)

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  • HOAgleek4Ever

    The relationship page. I  just remembered! I made the relationships page for advice! Forgot to say that and we used it for pairings. Well, if we make a separate category for that. The relatioship page was also made a category because sometimes people might need advice for a certain thing about a relationship. Take going public for an example. 

    So, I first want you to read this before I go round doing things. 

    The userbox page. Do you really think we should overcrowd the userbox page? I was think we have some 'Miscellaneous' ones but lots of them? I don't think we should. Users might want to make random userboxes so we'll let them, but is it really nessacary to add them? Think about it, once we have lots of userboxes, lots of userboxes will be m…

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  • PoisonIvy100

    Main Page

    March 3, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    When I clikc on the Love Advice Wiki icon at the top of the page, it says that the main page is called Home. But when I try to leave a link for it, it doesn't work. Can anyone fix this?

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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    March 1, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    Just some quotes :) 

    Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.

    My relationship is like an iPhone 5. I don’t have an iPhone 5.

    I wonder if I'm anyone's crush.

    I can't lie, I miss you..

    Missing someone & not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.

    ily = I barely do. Love you = I do, but I don't at the same time. I love you = Trust me. I mean it.

    My problem is I can't stay mad. I always end up forgiving people, even when they don't deserve it.

    You're different and I like different. 

    I need to stop thinking about you, because I know you're not thinking about me..

    I need someone who won't give up on me.

    I’m not perfect, but I’m loyal...

    At one point, I really thought we would last.

    Maybe I just expect too much.

    You're seriously a…

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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    February 23, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    UPDATE: So, I've thought about this and wouldn't it be nice to make your own quotes? So I was thinking of having a featured quote then a page 'Your Quotes' with actual quotes at the top and then you can have your own. Take a vote!

    OLD: Yes quotes, I was meant to make this last night, but fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, still open with this still open. 

    Anyway I was thinking about having main quotes then sort them out into categories and put them on pages, then have a featured quote on the front page. I'll do an example of what I was thinking, 

    I think you'll all recognise it and I know how to do them, but we could do it the way Liv did it to.


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  • PoisonIvy100

    Important Notice!

    February 21, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    Hi everyone! Already I'm really pleased with the amount of work our admins are putting in. But, we have a bit of a security problem.

    You have the freedom to make pairing pages of your own, personal, real-life pairings. But we can't go around giving people's real names our the Internet. We just can't. It's like an unwritten rule. (Actually, I think that could be a written rule...) So, when doing this, make sure to invent a phony name for you and your soulmate!

    For instance, this is PURELY an example. Say you were called Rebecca and your boyfriend was called John. Rather than calling yourself Jebecca or whatever, make up names for youselves. Maybe you always wanted to be called Katie and you wanted to call your boyfriend Alex. Then you're not …

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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    February 21, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    Delayed one hour. 

    A rush, have to go to Zac. 


    After reading this sit in silence for a minute. 

    WARNING: I over exagrated a little. 

    Note: No  losers will be killed in this. They are just words. 

    We all loved lol and lol, but they died.

    How? Some ask? 

    A human being didn't listen to the Fun Rules!!!

    Will they go to, jail, prison, court? 



    Because, it was a error that they won't do again. 

    Ellie, I understand you have something to say. 

    "You were meant to be used for a laugh, not end up dead. It's a shame, two losers gone, i won't do it again, no one else will. Unless intended, but they will hold another service. Have fun in popularity heaven , you deserve some for being a loser for your life. We'll miss you." 

    Sit in silence. 




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  • Liv2night

    Should we have...

    February 20, 2013 by Liv2night

    I was wondering should we have LESS of the real life people and MORE of the love problems? Vote on these PLEASE!!!

    Thanks girlie!

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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    Hi, it's Ellie (obvs) but there's a few things we need on this wiki, before we like say to come here. You know, advertise.

    1. Rules. I think we need pages for rules, for chats and things. 
    2. If you haven't noticed, I ran around making our names colours :) 
    3. The Chat. I've added lots of emoticons for that, I mean lots. I think we'll need Chat Moderators for that, so Ally's already one, but I think we need at least 2 or one more. I think either Jamber or Hoa should be one then I could go around are wiki, see who's on alot. I think we'll need them in diferent time zone's though. I could go around the House of Anubis Wiki and find someone perfect :) Comment below, and as I said above, add rules. I've also changed the welcome message.
    4. New pages. …
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  • HOAgleek4Ever


    February 19, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    So I was thinking about this:

    We make a page,

    "What is Love?"

    Where anyone (who are experiencing it) what they think it is. 

    Not only that, if there's a quote from a movie, them saying what they think to add it.

    Each person gets a small paragraph, like a limit of i don't kno 500 or 700 words? 

    So apart from me there's 4 of us. So when everyone takes a vote it will be closed. 

    If you want me to go into more detail comment below!

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  • HOAgleek4Ever

    The Three Girls

    February 19, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever


    For the Savvanah, Emily and Chloe page, I was thinking we should have sections, like why they do or how to get past it. Anyway I can't do it myself, because I don't know anything about  Savvanah and Emily, but if you want I'll the Chloe first to give you an idea.

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  • JamberLuv4ever


    February 19, 2013 by JamberLuv4ever

    Um, i checked the admins, and I'm not one of them and you said I was

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  • Hoa100

    what s your prombelm so ask it now

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  • Hoa100

    Ask your problem???

    February 19, 2013 by Hoa100

    If you need anything, ask!

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  • HOAgleek4Ever

    New pages

    February 19, 2013 by HOAgleek4Ever

    This wiki is going great! 

    I was thinking lots of new pages, even categories. 

    Anyway, any idea that comes to mind, but you need us to agree on it first, throw your ideas at us and we (admins) will descuss if it's nessacary for a page. If not them we'll message you and give you advice, if we're not sure, we'll step up polls!

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  • Liv2night

    Listen up Admins!

    February 19, 2013 by Liv2night

    So id rather do this than go around to all the Admins separately for this. So A

    Too much pink and purple. Yeah that's a fact right? Also someone (I'm not sure who) is making SO much spelling mistakes!! Check the spellings!! Don't think I'm mean-just saying. I'll be editting lots tomorrow. Other than that thanks SO much

    Ellie-Basges and pics

    Mara-Comments and (soon) names.

    Hoa- The look alikes.

    I promise this will turn out AWESOME. THANKS!! :D

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