aka Cherry (Nick Name)

  • I live in NY
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Rocken a Highschool Life
  • I am Female durr
  • Cherrywood

    Yes I'm Quite new here and Call me Cherry Before I had Account on this wikia I looked at some wikias

    And I saw some wikias had some news each week I was wondering maybe we could have like heres my example

    Love Is Something that a person would need and its hard to tell what kind of fights we would have or would it be true to understand our feelings toward to people.

    Sometime we need advice from people who knows about  or even been through it.

    Love can be a tough time with it even you just have a tiny feeling for someone to  completely in Love with Someone 

    "Love Is Something is what someone needs!!"

    Break Ups

    Yelling and Tears you would feel You would just complain how much you missed him wanting him back see how much he meant to you and look at p…

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