The relationship page. I  just remembered! I made the relationships page for advice! Forgot to say that and we used it for pairings. Well, if we make a separate category for that. The relatioship page was also made a category because sometimes people might need advice for a certain thing about a relationship. Take going public for an example. 

So, I first want you to read this before I go round doing things. 

The userbox page. Do you really think we should overcrowd the userbox page? I was think we have some 'Miscellaneous' ones but lots of them? I don't think we should. Users might want to make random userboxes so we'll let them, but is it really nessacary to add them? Think about it, once we have lots of userboxes, lots of userboxes will be made. So I think we should let only admins work the page then if I user thinks it's a good userbox to put up then check it with the admins and we'll decide. If there is a user pairing they can just ask one of us and we'll put it up there. So.... 

What do you think? 

So, I first want you to read this before I go round doing things. 

And comment!!

If you agree? Disagree? 



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