Hi, it's Ellie (obvs) but there's a few things we need on this wiki, before we like say to come here. You know, advertise.

  1. Rules. I think we need pages for rules, for chats and things. 
  2. If you haven't noticed, I ran around making our names colours :) 
  3. The Chat. I've added lots of emoticons for that, I mean lots. I think we'll need Chat Moderators for that, so Ally's already one, but I think we need at least 2 or one more. I think either Jamber or Hoa should be one then I could go around are wiki, see who's on alot. I think we'll need them in diferent time zone's though. I could go around the House of Anubis Wiki and find someone perfect :) Comment below, and as I said above, add rules. I've also changed the welcome message.
  4. New pages. This is a biggy, so far we just have mean girls. I know Liv added Crushes, but we need more! I was thinking something to do with, if a girl likes their best friend but doesn't want to wreck their friendship. Just make more pages! Look at this  blog.
  5. Privacy, I'm sure we all respect our privacy, so try to keep things less personal. 
  6. Taking polls for pages, some pages might be unnessary, so make a vote! For now there's only 5 of us that need to agree. Look at this blog.

If there is anything I've missed, comment below and if I remember something I'll add it!

This wiki's going great! Also, try to comment on about each one. 



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