Delayed one hour. 

A rush, have to go to Zac. 


After reading this sit in silence for a minute. 

WARNING: I over exagrated a little. 

Note: No  losers will be killed in this. They are just words. 

We all loved lol and lol, but they died.

How? Some ask? 

A human being didn't listen to the Fun Rules!!!

Will they go to, jail, prison, court? 



Because, it was a error that they won't do again. 

Ellie, I understand you have something to say. 

"You were meant to be used for a laugh, not end up dead. It's a shame, two losers gone, i won't do it again, no one else will. Unless intended, but they will hold another service. Have fun in popularity heaven , you deserve some for being a loser for your life. We'll miss you." 

Sit in silence. 



Won't drown a loser again without intention. 

If i do, I will hold a service. 

If I do it purposely, i'll send it wishes. 


Now, i'll go to the LOL page. 


That's done. :) 



~The guy who hold funerals. 

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