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  • Hoa100

    Date Ideas

    April 23, 2013 by Hoa100

    Don't we all have trouble dealing with dates and don't know what to do? Well here is some Ideas for date!

    1.Have a long converstation get to know each have a couple of laughs!

    2.Go see a movie that you both wanted to see

    3.Go To a resturant thats not so fancy just a casual place not so busy

    4.Take a walk outside

    5.When it is summer season just go to the beach or the pool

    6.If there is a sports team and you both got Tickets go together

    7.just have a little dance together

    8.If one of you has to babysit then do it together

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  • Hoa100

    Uh Oh!

    April 4, 2013 by Hoa100

    We are forgeting about this Place what happens if we do then our hardwork go down the drain that means Bye Bye love Advice wikia.We made our work for a wikia but why did we forget about it?Did we got bored of it?It so lame? But can we make it back to a better Love Advice Wikia had more Love Stuff show more Features and some Love Pages of Question People need Like Ex:Cheating,First Boyfriend/Girlfriend and ofcourse how to deal with LOVE! But if this is a Love Advice wikia shouldn't we make it about love and not about Yolo and LOL?

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  • Hoa100

    what s your prombelm so ask it now

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  • Hoa100

    Ask your problem???

    February 19, 2013 by Hoa100

    If you need anything, ask!

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