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  • PoisonIvy100

    Hi! :)

    In case you don't remember me, I'm MaraJaffray100, also known as Krystal (or Ivy as I prefer to be called now). I founded this wiki with Liv, Ellie and Celine.

    Now, as you all probably know, this wiki has been fairly dead for the last almost two years. This is pretty upsetting, but oh well, such is life. So, if anyone's still out there, hope you're reading this.

    I'm willing to fix up the wiki if that's what everyone else wants. Because, in a way, it's what I want too. But we'll do it properly this time. No more arsing around with real life pairings and stuff like that. Fair? Fair.

    It's weird, looking back. When I made this wiki, I was thirteen and a totally different person. I made a tonne of stupid mistakes and just basically did thing…

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  • PoisonIvy100

    Fixing up the Wiki

    April 18, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    Hello, fellow users of the Love Advice Wiki. I love this place as much as you all do. But now it's time for change. We've kind of abandoned it. Here are my ideas:

    • Personal pairing pages: OK. We can't use these. Now I know that Liv and Ellie are going to track me down tonight and kill me in my sleep (how much do security guards expect to be paid?). This wiki is about advice, not personal pairing pages. Don't be discouraged though. Put them on your profile. It's that easy. People will still love your pairing. Also, this way, we can't exactly be 'shipping' real-life pairings seriously because these are real people and we can't put pressure on them.
    • The fun rules: These are awesome, but why are we focusing so much on them? Did I just create the …
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  • PoisonIvy100

    Main Page

    March 3, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    When I clikc on the Love Advice Wiki icon at the top of the page, it says that the main page is called Home. But when I try to leave a link for it, it doesn't work. Can anyone fix this?

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  • PoisonIvy100

    Important Notice!

    February 21, 2013 by PoisonIvy100

    Hi everyone! Already I'm really pleased with the amount of work our admins are putting in. But, we have a bit of a security problem.

    You have the freedom to make pairing pages of your own, personal, real-life pairings. But we can't go around giving people's real names our the Internet. We just can't. It's like an unwritten rule. (Actually, I think that could be a written rule...) So, when doing this, make sure to invent a phony name for you and your soulmate!

    For instance, this is PURELY an example. Say you were called Rebecca and your boyfriend was called John. Rather than calling yourself Jebecca or whatever, make up names for youselves. Maybe you always wanted to be called Katie and you wanted to call your boyfriend Alex. Then you're not …

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