Hello, fellow users of the Love Advice Wiki. I love this place as much as you all do. But now it's time for change. We've kind of abandoned it. Here are my ideas:

  • Personal pairing pages: OK. We can't use these. Now I know that Liv and Ellie are going to track me down tonight and kill me in my sleep (how much do security guards expect to be paid?). This wiki is about advice, not personal pairing pages. Don't be discouraged though. Put them on your profile. It's that easy. People will still love your pairing. Also, this way, we can't exactly be 'shipping' real-life pairings seriously because these are real people and we can't put pressure on them.
  • The fun rules: These are awesome, but why are we focusing so much on them? Did I just create the polices so that they could get flushed down the toilet by YOLO and LOL? I don't think that we should enforce them so much. While I love them, they are fun rules, not serious rules.
  • Advice: Why the hell did we create this wiki? To give help to fellow ladies and lads in need of love advice! We must enforce the advice part more. We'll create advice pages, tell the people that we're always here to listen and make a page where people can anonymously comment for advice. Sound good?
  • Photos: Oh yes, I'm going there. I'll be the first one to put up my hand and admit that when managing a wiki, I focus on the content. But we do want this place to be pretty. So that's why we need photos! Feel free to go nuts with the fan art, guys. We need it.
  • The three girls: I think that, rather than giving them names as such, we should give them labels. For instnace: the hater, the jealous chick and the popular girl. Or something like that. You know?

I think that's it! Comment below!

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