Hi everyone! Already I'm really pleased with the amount of work our admins are putting in. But, we have a bit of a security problem.

You have the freedom to make pairing pages of your own, personal, real-life pairings. But we can't go around giving people's real names our the Internet. We just can't. It's like an unwritten rule. (Actually, I think that could be a written rule...) So, when doing this, make sure to invent a phony name for you and your soulmate!

For instance, this is PURELY an example. Say you were called Rebecca and your boyfriend was called John. Rather than calling yourself Jebecca or whatever, make up names for youselves. Maybe you always wanted to be called Katie and you wanted to call your boyfriend Alex. Then you're not giving out any personal info and you can call yourselves Kalex! Simple as.

Thanks for listening, people. Bye.

~Krystal and Ellie!!

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