Hi! :)

In case you don't remember me, I'm MaraJaffray100, also known as Krystal (or Ivy as I prefer to be called now). I founded this wiki with Liv, Ellie and Celine.

Now, as you all probably know, this wiki has been fairly dead for the last almost two years. This is pretty upsetting, but oh well, such is life. So, if anyone's still out there, hope you're reading this.

I'm willing to fix up the wiki if that's what everyone else wants. Because, in a way, it's what I want too. But we'll do it properly this time. No more arsing around with real life pairings and stuff like that. Fair? Fair.

It's weird, looking back. When I made this wiki, I was thirteen and a totally different person. I made a tonne of stupid mistakes and just basically did things I cringe at now. Now I am fifteen and I've matured (thank God!) and just generally better able to manage a wiki.

Well, that's all. See you around, folks.

{{SUBST:User:MaraJaffray100/SignatureV}} 14:30, December 23, 2014 (UTC)

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